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  That's enough for two pairs of shoes! 

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Shoelace Locks:

Keeps Kids Shoes Tied.

Shoelace lock, children tying shoes
  The end of tying shoelaces!

Shoelace sells shoelace locks, which is a two piece system consisting of a shoelace and a lock to help kids, elderly, children, and the physically disabled keep their shoelaces tied.

Whether you have little hands or older ones our new shoelace lock can make short work of tying shoes.
With a simple but effective design,the
shoelace lock lets you "tie" your shoes just once.
After that just "lift to loosen" your shoelace lock and "tug to tighten" your shoelace lock.

Guaranteed to keep your shoes tied!

Parents and Teachers will love them, no more tying their kids shoelaces.

Your shoelaces will never accidentally untie!

You will love them because there are no more loose ends to trip on.

Kids of all ages can tie their shoes in " 1 second flat"

Kids as young as 2 or 3 years old can tie their own shoes!

A great way to teach your kids to tie their own shoelaces. 

No more double knots to try and get out.

Works on any athletic shoes.

Looks like your shoes are really tied.


For a limited time only! 

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Important note: OK Lacers shoelace lock is specifically intended to work with "low cut" athletic shoes. Not recommended for "high top" shoes or with "oversize " eyelets.

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