Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use other shoelaces with the lacer, or must I use those provided?

         Answer: The Lacer is intended to work specifically with "round" shoelaces, (as opposed to flat ones), and engineered to accept the exact diameter of the laces provided. While it is possible you may have other round laces, it would be unlikely that they would be the same exact thickness.

Question: Will I feel and perhaps be bothered by the knot on the inside of the shoe? 

        Answer: Absolutely not. The knot is very small and mostly imbeds into the side of the shoe. It is cushioned by the tongue of the shoe as well. I assure you, you will never feel the knot.

Question: Is there someway I can get a "reprint" of the instructions that came with the Lacer?

        Answer: Yes. Simply click on the tab "Instruction Sheet" at the top of the home page and print it out.

Question: If I somehow damage the shoelaces, can I order replacements from you?

        Answer: Yes. If you click on the "Contact Us" link and fill out the information we will be happy to send you a new pair.

Question: Are there lacers and laces available in other colors, or for other styles of shoes?

        Answer: There will be more Lacers for other colors coming out at a later date.